2015 10 - Lottery Success for RDPS

18th October 2015
Retford & District Photographic Society - Press Release - Joy Allison
Images by Des Lloyd & Alan Burkwood

Lottery Success for RDPS

Retford and District Photographic Society are delighted to announce that they have been awarded £5,793.64 by Awards for All, part of the Big Lottery Fund. The funds are for our project ‘Showing us at Our Best’.

Over the last year or two the club’s equipment has begun to show its age at the same time as the work produced by members has been of an increasingly high standard resulting in great success last year in club, inter-club and regional competitions. This project was designed to enable the club to give members the very best opportunity to display and compete their work to a high standard.

President Alan Burkwood said “This grant will make a huge difference. We have already bought our new projector, which was the largest item in the project and the most urgently needed. The poor colour reproduction and brightness of our old one put members at a huge disadvantage in front of judges and did them a grave disservice.”

“We heard only compliments for the projector this week when a judge from top regional club, Rolls Royce Derby, came to adjudicate on our work. Members were thrilled to see their work displayed as it should be and we now look forward eagerly to our new season of competitions and displays starting on 25th October at Idle Valley Nature Reserve.”

Alan Townsend, who was in charge of setting up the new projector for its first meeting said “the new projector was spot on. The snow didn’t burn out in the way we have seen last year and the colours were great despite not having long to set it up. I have not entered digital competitions for a while because I was never sure how my work would be displayed, but after seeing this I think I will have another go.”

Current Photographer of the Year, Geoff Stoddart said “The new projector made a massive difference. The quality was fantastic and really looked like the images I had sent in. It will be great to know that my work will be shown as it should be in future. All the members I spoke to were as pleased with the new projector’s quality as I was.”

Other items purchased with the grant will be display boards to enable the club to mount exhibitions in the community and a laptop and portable television with which to show large numbers of digital images in sequence in a small space, bringing more of our members’ exceptional work to the audience.

The laptop and television will also be used in conjunction with software purchased with the grant to enable us to teach digital processing to small groups of members, sharing the skills members bring among each other.

The remainder of the grant will be spent on items to enhance our displays and on publicity materials for the Society.

If your organisation would benefit from a display from the Society, we would love to hear from you now we have our own equipment and can take it to where it is needed in and around Retford.