2015 11 - Entertaining Lincoln RB

29th November 2015
Retford & District Photographic Society - Event - Ben Searson
27th November 2015
Images by Alan Dibbo, Nathan Story & Ben Searson

Last Friday night we entertained Lincoln RB photographic society, with a range of our photography styles from a number of members. Each year we take it in turn to entertain each other with a night of photography.

First up was Ben Searson with his iPhone Photography, showing the group what can be achieved with the camera in your pocket. The group were surprised with quality of the photos that can be taken, and a large number of the group said they would try there camera phone after seeing the presentation.

Up next was Nathan Story our youngest member, he gave us an passionate insight into his new hobby of photography, with the main theme of his photography being his enjoyment of just taking pictures of what he sees and enjoys, a theme which ran though the night and Lincoln RB also promote.

Alan Burkwood then gave a talk on a varied selection of photographs from local shots, to walking in the Lake District and Cornwall. He talked about how he experiments with filters in Nik Effects, which produce some quite different images.

Harold Gay then showed us two of his audio visual presentations, explaining how and why he had chosen the subjects of Kites in Dubai, and Halloween in Whitby for his videos.

The break gave everyone change to talk about our different styles of photography with the members, Nathan was given also of encouragement with his photography. Many of the members were talking about photos they had missed as they had forgotten to release they could use their camera phone to at least record the image, and it gave a few members to confidence to take their camera phone photography further.

After the break it was down to Alan Dibbo to entertain the group with his stories of different types of photography he's tried over the years bringing along a wide range of his work to show. Alan started with his photos of the nation parks and gardens he enjoys, and what judges had thought to them, them moving into wildlife photography, astro photography and then infrared.

Des Lloyd then amazed the group with his stunning wildlife photos, explaining the steps taken to achieve each photo, some of which have taken weeks to get a handful of shots, after the pain staking work of following the animals around the countryside. Des was keen to promote local wildlife, and this year his photography has been taken with 20 miles of his home.

Harold Gay then finished off with a quick run through of his best images, explain how and why he'd taken the photos over the last few years.

The president of Lincoln RB closed the evening, being together a common them of the night, enjoy the photography you do, no matter what it is or what you use.

We look forward to next years night, when Lincoln came back to entertain us.