2015 Exhibition Success

26th May 2015
2015 Exhibition Success - By Joy Allison

Members were very pleased to see so many visitors from Retford and around at the recent exhibition in the Town Hall. There was a wide selection of images on display in, colour, black and white, on screen and in audio visual presentations. The body of the exhibition featured prints, which covered many topics and styles and gave our members a chance to discuss photographic and processing techniques with visitors. Of particular interest were a sharp and milky waterfall image composed from two shots, and infra-red shot of Hardwick Hall and a painting styled photograph of sunflowers after van Gogh.

For the first time this year we were able to display some of the images which had been entered in digital competitions and this engaged visitors looking at the different shots and in some cases comparing the printed and digital image.

Visitors were invited to choose their favourite prints in colour and black and white categories. Thanks to everyone who voted. We know from talking to you that you gave it serious thought and found it very difficult to select just one favourite in each category. The winners were:
Colour Print - Gordon Oaks 'Taking a Bath'.
Mono Print - Alan Townsend 'Sharing a Secret'.
Other members who scored well with the public vote were;
Pat Oaks - 'Best Seats in the House'.
Alan Dibbo - 'Hardwick in a Different Light' – the infra-red shot
Jayne Mair - 'London Bridge'.

Most of the prints and some of the digital entries will be in a display at Egmanton Church on the afternoons of July 11th and 12th, when the admission charge of £3 will include a vintage tea with a selection of cakes and sandwiches as well as a chance to see the beautifully restored interior of this church. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who missed the original exhibition to see both the Retford members’ work and a beautiful village church with an interior by Sir Ninian Comper of a quality and beauty more generally associated with much larger and well known churches.