2016 01 - Av Tutorial

17th January 2016
Retford & District Photographic Society - Press Release - Joy Allison
14th January 2016

Av Tutorial

Colin Brenchley, a former RDPS member, returned from Worksop to tell us about his latest work with audio visual presentations. He commended the latest version of ProShow Professional, which among other useful new developments, includes a selection of different length royalty-free music for users to set against their images to produce short shows.

He described how he sometimes takes inspiration from a piece of music and sets out to photograph the subject it suggests, while at other times he will simply take the photos then find music to suit them. He showed a number of AVs which resulted from 'boredom on a Saturday afternoon' when he had taken a series of photos of items in and around his home which were quite transformed by this treatment. An amaryllis was seen in an entirely new way through around 50 close up shots in a sequence.

Other AVs were based on travels to different places - sometimes in general terms and sometimes specifics such as the shapes created by sand in the desert or the architecture.

We learned that an AV show needs between 30 and 50 images and these need not be of the exacting standard required for individual competition entries. This format can give new purpose to images taken over a long period which do not stand alone, but combined with others taken at different times will portray a theme.