2016 04 - Three Way Success

01st May 2016
This years three way competition between Axholme and Doncaster TTL, was hosted by Axholme at Haxey. We were very well represented through both supporters and our entries. The judge, Grahame Dunkin, was very impressed with the overall standard and proved himself fair and consistent.

At the outset Grahame said he would have trouble sorting out the best print entries and this proved to be so as he eventually held back nine images. He commented that he would have included another which he had marked down for presenting a superb image of a barn owl in monochrome rather than in its natural colours.

Grahame’s particular style saw him comment on the balance of the image in the frame, whether he felt images should have been cropped more or less and whether the whole was in balance. He livened up the evening with some anecdotes about his own photography and demonstrated a commendable ability to mark the images on their technical merits irrespective of whether they appealed to his personal preference in style. Unusually he likes images where the eyes, and particularly the eyes of animals, were not looking at the camera.

From the nine reserved images in the print class four, including one of a pine marten from Retford, were eventually awarded the coveted 20 top mark.

Starting the digital (DPI) class with a quick preview run through, Grahame said that compared to this the print class had been easy. He set the bar for holding back higher. There was a ripple of laughter when he conjectured that a close up image of a snarling tiger might have been shot from behind glass. The audience hoped that for the sake of the photographer it had been!

After close scrutiny and detailed comments Grahame eventually held back four images and awarded two of them 19 points and two the top score of 20. To the delight of the supporters, both were from Retford. ‘Frozen’, an image of a steam train puffing its way through a frozen landscape by our President Alan Burkwood was one and a beautiful, complex image of a ‘Leathersmith’ at work by Jasmine Wang was the other.

The scores for the two classes were totalled and Retford, who had been lying in third place with 148 points to 150 and 151 after the prints were thrilled that the success of the DPIs reversed the position seeing the club come out the winners with a total of 309 points to 302 and 299. Competition secretary Jenny Smith thanked Axholme for their hospitality and for the excellent buffet provided for the interval. We look forward to seeing both clubs again next year.