AGM Monday April 18th 7.30pm

12th April 2016

1. Welcome by President
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Minutes of 2015 AGM
4.Matters Arising
5. Election of Officers
Proposed by Committee:-
President Alan Burkwood; Vice Pr. Jenny Smith; Secretary Ben Searson;
Treasurer Gwen Mabbott; Prog. Sec. Lesley Wilson; Competition Sec. Jenny and John Smith; Exhibition Sec. Joy & Dik Allinson; Committee Jayne Mair & Dave Grimsdale;
6.Reports from
President; Treasurer; Programme Sec; Competition Sec.
7. Recommendations from Committee:-
a) That all Competitions be themed for one year. Themes to be decided by Committee; b)That future portfolio competitions have 3 images not 4.
c)That the present introductory leaflet for new members be scrapped
d) That membership cards be scrapped.
8. Members' questions or concerns
9. AOB
10. Date of next AGM 2017