Annual AV Competition

18th April 2015
Annual AV competition press release - Words by Joy Allison.

Once a season members turn their attention to a different skill to contest in the audio visual competition. This event requires a large number of images on any theme and the must be set to music. The music must complement the theme and individually the images need to be of good quality and clearly tell the story. The transitions from image to image offer many possibilities for the author and should tie in with the music in a pleasing way.

We enjoyed eight very different compilations each with around sixty images and lasting up to five minutes. There was a huge variety of topics, starting with 'Morecambe' which featured shots of the shore and the sea birds, and in case anyone didn't recognise the scenes, shots of Eric Morcambe's statue confirmed it.

No one could have failed to recognise the many familiar sights of London. This author had clearly set about getting a wide ranging set of photos of well known places and events and had produces a pleasing whistle stop tour.

'Dyer's Court' showed scenes closer to home, recording the restoration of this historic Retford building and the painting of the mural on the long outside wall portraying the dying industry. It demonstrated the many skills the task required and the teamwork which lead up to the opening celebrations.

'St Swithun's' was another presentation featuring a restoration and this author clearly had a head for heights, getting excellent shots of the work of re-roofing this church.
'Waterfall' was a beautiful compilation of a wide variety of views of this most photogenic of subjects. The author had clearly travelled far and wide collecting images of waterfalls in all their moods.

'Lancaster' could not have been more different, featuring the Avro Lancaster aeroplane and the event commemorating the outbreak of WWI, where the last two airworthy Lancasters flew together.

Still in the air, we were transported to Dubai for the Kitefest. The immense size of the kites, the extraordinary variety of designs and the consummate skill of those flying them without ending up in a massive knot were beautifully conveyed by this vibrant show.

Quite unlike any of the others was 'Halloween', a collection of images from the October Goth gathering at Whitby. Not only were the images graphic depictions of the theme, but they were cleverly compiled with complementary backgrounds and additional spooky graphics to make an audio visual presentation which was more than a simple series of shots on a theme.

The members are the judges for this competition, each having one vote. The result was exceptionally close with Harold Gay gaining a single point advantage with 'Halloween' beating Brian Shawcross' 'St. Swithun's' and his own 'Kites'.