Focus Stacking hints by John Stevens

23rd October 2012
Our practical evening tutor John Stevens has emailed some useful information to help anyone get started.
Learning Guides,
Book- Photographic Multishot Techniques by Jeurgen Gulbins- Rocky Nook Press.
Chapter 4 has an excellent write-up on techniques and software,
Amazon App. £14.00
Video-Mastering Macro Photography, presented by Tim Grey- Learn by Video Workshop. Video2Brain.
Lessons for basic photography alongwith a reasonable section on Focus stacking (as seen).
Amazon £17 to £20.

There is an excellent Youtube mini video re 'Stackshot', given in the 'How to..' section of the Homepage to alongwith a gallery of excellent photographs.

4" 2 way(single) focusing rail app £8 on Ebay.
4" 4 way(cross type) focusing rail app £ 17 on Ebay.
Magnifying rear loupe for lcd screen on rear of camera, either 2.8x or 3x. app 10 on Ebay. (Useful when using Liveview for focus or in the event that there is too much light to see the rear screen clearly) A Hoodman loupe would cost about £80?

Macro lighting, battery powered for in the field and Mains powered for the 'studio' with adapters from 52mm -77mm filter mounts, with left side only, right side only, or all lights operating in
various strengths from 40 led's -144 led;s. app £21.00- £60.00. You can even get 'led' flash with power adjustment. The previous one is a constant switchable light. The flash version may be used both in constant or flash mode.


It is recommended that you use COMBINEZM or COMBINEZP by Alan Hadley. Just 'Google' Combine Zm and download the programme, manual and help files for 'FREE'.