Guide for the Panel of Three Competition

01st January 2013

Our fourth club competition is The Panel of Three - rather than entering individually mounted prints or digital images this requires three images to be entered.
Each member can enter any or all of the Colour Print, Mono Print and Projected Image Series of Three sections. Only one Panel can be entered into each section.

The images should be connected and work together as a panel.
Putting a panel together isn't about picking your three best images and presenting them all at once, it is about finding three images which work well together. That might mean similar shapes or colours or some other unifying theme.
Sometimes images that don't appear special on their own work better as part of a panel. Usually the colour of the print mounts should match.

Since the idea is to view the three images together each member must indicate which order the images should be viewed (either A, B, C, or Left, Middle and Right) The Panel of Three requires a title (the individual images do not have to be named separately).

This guidance has been prepared by Lesley Wilson.