Ian Pinn on his talk "IT’S YOUR TURN"

06th February 2015
This was provided by Ian Pinn on his talk "IT’S YOUR TURN"

This is the background about why I do this talk;

Interactive Print discussion, your chance to have a go at the judge!

Firstly a little background, I have been interested in Photography for all of my adult life, my wife to be bought me a Praktica L2 35mm SLR camera and 50mm lens for an engagement present, she has been a long suffering wife and photographers widow ever since that day (almost 40 years ago)

For the last 10 or so years I have been a judge on the NEMPF circuit, I also judge in other federations such as Midlands Counties, East Anglian, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. I am normally out at least twice sometimes 3 or 4 times a week when clubs are in season from September to May. I have also judged National and International exhibitions all across the country. I even judge regularly in Australia, although they won’t pay my air fare!

It was when I was judging at Spalding that I was approached at half time by a member saying: “It’s all well and good you coming along here and criticising our work, how do we know what your work is like? You may not even take any pictures!” This got me thinking, he was right, I stand up front and comment on all these images and they never see mine, I felt a lecture in the offing.

I didn’t want to just stand up the front and preach, after all we get enough of them already, no, I wanted to base it around his comments it was time I let the audience have a go back at my images.

Now every time I judge at a club I offer them my talk and it has gone down really well. I have given it over 20 times and it changes every week, every time I print a new image I include it and take out an older one, I figure this talk would then be perpetual, providing it’s only booked every 2 years or so!

So, as you can see I bring lots of prints, I like prints, always have done and always will, for me they are the final expression of what you want your image to be. Commercial labs do not offer the choice of printing media you can buy yourself and certain images work much better on certain medias. I also like to put up similar images in colour/mono, cropped different, mounted different, or printed on different paper etc, this hopefully gives rise to a lively debate and many disagreements ring around the room, so that’s why it’s a discussion as it involves two way chat, not just me droning on as I am doing now!

Current gear is;

Canon 5D MK11,Canon 40D,Canon 20D converted to Infra-red

Lenses; 8-15, 17-40, 28-70, 50, 70-200, 500, 1.4 and 2.0 extenders, tubes, lens baby, macro 100mm lens and Macro ring flash, Speedlight and too many other bits and bobs

Gitzo tripods, Wimberley gimbal head, Uni-lock tripod plus Gitzo heads, 4 or 5 other tripods that my wife doesn’t know about

I print on an old Epson R2400 printer, it has served me well and printrd over 2500 A3 images, I have sold over 600 prints, most recently 200 to a Scottish university.

We have loads of prints so we need to make a start; I love anything Natural, particularly Landscapes and Nature but also see myself as a bit of a club opportunist, I really enjoy walking around with my camera just looking for images.