N&EMPF Presentation - Accepted Images

18th April 2015
N&EMPF Presentation - Accepted Images press release. Words by Joy Allison

The second half of last Mondays evening was devoted to seeing the disc supplied by N&EMPF showing the entries selected for the special 60th anniversary exhibition held in Mansfield earlier in the year. The three judges given the honour of making the 2015 selection were faced with the unenviable task of reducing the 958 individual entries and 25 panels to around 100 images for the display. It was a reflection of the success of the club this year generally to see the nine images by members featured in the final cut. Spontaneous applause greeted each as they were shown. Compiler and commentator Ashley Franklin favoured both Geoff Stoddart and Des Lloyd with additional comment on their images and Pat Oaks’ Goldfinch was grouped with two other images of the species.

A wide variety of subjects were portrayed, but definite themes emerged with many images having been created in the computer by making montages and extensive processing for artistic effect. We were told one author had spent thirty hours working on his creation which brought together three images to create a 'Bomber's Moon'. There was a strong representation of Goth, Steam Punk and re-enactment images. We will watch the second half of the N&EMPF disc at another meeting, when we will see which of the images we saw emerged as medal winners.