Retford Photographic Society displays in shop front

31st October 2013
As part of the Retford Totally Locally scheme to install displays in empty Shop windows, we have installed a Portrait Photography Display in an empty Shop in Exchange Street in Retford. Each display has to have a theme and a purpose and ours, in line with our aim to encourage others to take up photography, is that 'you can do this too!'There are 6 very diverse portraits, provided by members, none of which were taken in a formal studio. The message to the public is that, with a basic knowledge of Composition, Depth of Focus and the use of Light, the pictures could have been taken with any camera - so why don't they have a go?

There are very strict rules about not using these displays as advertising, so our logo and Society title are only shown discreetly. The display will be in place until at least the end of next week, so do have a look if you are passing (Exchange street is the first turn on the right as you enter Carolgate from the Town square and the shop is on the RHS just before the gated pillars which restrict access to the road).